Do you like my garlic hat?

My Disney retirement job 2.0

Whenever we go to Walt Disney World we fantasize about our ‘retirement job’ – what we’ll do for Disney when we abandon the cold northeast for warmer climes.

My retirement job has ranged from the Mayor of Main Street to custodial (I figure if I’m walking around cleaning that I’ll have ample opportunity to help/interact with guests) to steam train conductor.

But now I’ve begun to think outside the box. And I own Photoshop.


Do you like my garlic hat?

Yeah, I went there. I want to be an audio animatronic on Spaceship Earth. And I figured I’d pick a role where I could sit down. And wear an awesome, awesome hat.

Seriously though, whenever Katie and I ride Spaceship Earth, she says: “We have to get a hat like that.”

Well… You set your goals, you aim high and you persevere. Mission accomplished. Sort of.

They really should sell that hat at Mousegears.

What’s your dream Disney retirement job?


  1. Drew

    Scoop Sanderson! (I’m sure you’ve seem the pictures from this years Halloween trip.

  2. June Stevens

    My dream job? Well, I used to work for Disney at a catalog outlet and had great plans of teaching until I had 25 years in education and 10 years at the outlet. Then I would transfer to WDW, work 15 more years there and retire at 65 with 2 retirements!! Instead, I got married and had a baby ( at 42– how crazy am I?) and moved. I’ve always wanted to be The Fairy Godmother so I could make wishes come true!

  3. Rose

    Last trip hubby told me he wanted to be a bus driver. After laughing so hard I cried I reminded him that he backed our car into our truck. Not the truck into the car, because the car is so much lower and you might not be able to see it if it is parked too close! NO the car into the 4 wheel drive pickup! He just looked at me and said OK give me a bucket and mop.
    I want to sit in the booth at EPCOT giving bus info. After all I will be retired so I will need to be sitting!

  4. Leo

    i want to buy a big yeti costume and a bungee cord, position myself where the non working yeti is at Expedition Everest and jump at every coaster that goes by to give back the thrill that the ride use to give at the ending scene.

  5. Amy

    I want a job distributing magical moments all day long!

  6. Kelly

    Photopass photographer all the way! And my Husband can be a snarky skipper on the jungle cruise :o )

  7. Jackie

    I want to do something in one of the Resorts, I just want to be able to have Customer service interaction while making people happy(if not that I want to be something in the Hundred acre wood ride or the store) the Hubby wants to either be in animal kingdom of behind the scenes at Epcot land because of his environmental science and law degree and his love of conservation. This is more a when we can deal with a move to heat job wish than retirement though.

  8. Shelly Hathway

    My husband I also dream of working/retiring in Disney World. I want to be the Fairy Godmother and my husband would like to work at the pool bar at the Polynesian or Beach Club. We just hung our 2nd piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork; Snow White Discovers the Cottage. We love surrounding ourselves with all things Disney!

  9. John Swoap

    I THOUGHT it would be boat captain, taking people from the Magic Kingdom back to their resorts and such but when I got to casting, they had given the one position that was open to someone 5 min before I got there. I “settled” for safari driver for a 5 month stint before being called up to play with the big boys when Kidani was finishing up and Bay Lake Tower was getting started… While the Sorcerer Mickey badge was a goal of mine since I knew what an “Imagineer” was, I still tear up when I walk back into Harambe.

    But, who knows, I never did get to drive that boat…

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