Katie and chef TJ talk about food allergies at Ohana. Actually, he's posing for a photo here. But they WERE talking about her food allergies.

The kid blogs: What it’s like to visit WDW with a food allergy

My daughter, Katie, is 9-years-old and has food allergies. She wrote this blog after watching Matt Hochberg’s video about the new approach Disney is taking to working with families with food allergies. So without further ado (I know, cliche) – Here’s Kate:

Hi. My name is Katie Burke and I have a food allergy to peanuts and eggs. When I go to Disney World, we go to a restaurant and I know that not everything there is safe to eat.

I have experienced eating eggs and nuts before, and it didn’t turn out too well. I really don’t want that to happen again, so I’m very careful about when I eat something that is possibly not egg or nut safe.

When we go to a restaurant, my mom or dad tell the waiter/waitress that I have an allergy to eggs and nuts, so the chef comes out and I ask him if the food that I want is peanut or egg free.

Katie, some sunburned dude and chef TJ talk about food allergies at Ohana. Actually, he's posing for a photo here. But they WERE talking about her food allergies.

I feel happy when the chef comes over because then I know people want to help people with food allergies. Disney is nice. I mean, Disney is always nice, but they’re especially nice when it comes to food.

When I learned that the Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios had an interactive menu, I was excited. It’s an iPad that can save lives. Next time I go to Disney, I’m sure to go to Brown Derby and try it out!

I really think that it’s a good idea because some kids or adults have food allergies and could possibly get sick if they eat something that they’re allergic to, and it’s especially bad if it happens at Disney.

I know Disney wants to help people because they go out of their way to help the food allergy people.

No, Katie! No! Put the peanut butter down! Bad girl! Bad!



  1. Rosanne @ The Disney Point

    Kate, great job! You are a natural at this – it must run in the family! I’m very happy that you feel safe eating at Disney and that they have been really nice to you!

  2. Jennifer

    What a great blog! I am forwarding this to a friend who has been asking me if Disney is good about food allergies. Her daughter is allergic to nuts, dairy, beef, and gluten. That makes it really hard to go anywhere to eat! They want to take a Disney cruise next year but she still is worried they might not be able to accommodate all of her daughter’s food allergies. This will give her hope!

  3. Suzanne @ MapleMouseMama

    Wonderful post Kate! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My son is allergic to eggs and nuts and you have made me feel so much better about his upcoming first trip!! Way to go Kate!


  4. Linda

    Great blog Katie! It’s nice to know they are so aware of this common issue!

  5. Christy

    Awesome post, Katie! I personally don’t have food allergies (although I have recently discovered that soy milk gives me serious gas issues!) but my cousin does. I think I will send her to your blog to remind her that she can eat well at Disney and not get sick.

  6. Maddie and Emma

    That was awesome! Junior Mousejunkies rule!

  7. Ryan Elizabeth

    Good blog, munchkin. :)

  8. marjen

    Great blog Katie! Your comments help me to feel good about bringing my mom (who has allergies to dairy and nuts) to WDW this fall! We are so excited to share the Disney magic with her and my dad:)

  9. Mark

    Great article! My son has peanut allergies and the restaurant staffs went over and above (wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney I suppose!) in taking care of him to make sure he didn’t miss out of our dining experiences.

  10. Donna

    I was just catching up on my e-mail & saw one from your Dad, Katie. Glad to see your following in his footsteps. That (blog) was a great service & public announcment you made, Katie. It will help a lot of people. I’m proud your a friend!

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