A little more Disney detail. It was everywhere!

Disney Dinner Party: You could almost smell the fufu

This past weekend our friends J and Deb (that’d be Mousejunkies J and Deb for those who have read the book) invited a bunch of like-minded Disney addicts to their home for a Disney Dinner Party. It’s basically a pot-luck with food we’ve all grown to love from Walt Disney World.

In short, it was a great time. It’s fun getting everyone together and the food was all great. (Except for maybe what I brought. But I’ll get to that later.)

They did this once before, and Walt almost burned their house down. Walt made ‘Ohana bread putting, complete with the banana sauce. Now, I don’t know anything about cooking, so maybe someone can describe the process better than I can, but basically he put it in the pan and then used a grill lighter to put fire on it. Maybe it’s flambe, I don’t know. All I know is that flames shot from the pan, all the way up to the ceiling.

My reaction: “That. Was. AWESOME!”

Deb’s reaction: Not so much. Understandably so. They have a beautiful house, and if anybody lit my house on fire, I’d be less than enthusiastic about it.

Anyway, when the invitations went out for this year’s Disney Dinner Party, there was a caveat: No fire. I think this disappointed Walt, but again – it was probably for the best.

Everyone arrived right at 6 p.m., and the unveiling of the food commenced. Every time someone uncovered another dish, it was a great surprise.

There was…

Purple Haze. I had this at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival this past year. Good stuff!

Carol said Abita Purple Haze reminded her of sneaking a drink off of her father’s Schlitz when she was little. It definitely tasted different from the draft I had at Epcot. But it was still quite good.

Plenty of Disney details. J and Deb thought of everything.


Queso Fundido from the San Angel Inn.

Mike made this. It was great. He cut triangles of tortilla bread to dip.


Fried Wontons from 'Ohana.

J made these, and the peanut dipping sauce to go along with them.


Honey Coriander chicken wings from 'Ohana.

Amy made these chicken wings. They came out great. There are about a zillion ingredients that went into making the sauce just right.


Buffalo chicken soup from Olivia's.

Carol made this soup. She was having second thoughts about bringing it, but Randy talked her into it, thankfully. Garnished with crumbled blue cheese, this was awesome.


Pot stickers from the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Or China.

J made these, too. I think they were my favorite item all night.


A little more Disney detail. It was everywhere!

Peanut rice from Boma.

This is what I made. I LOVE the peanut rice at Boma. I just don’t think I recreated it very well. I cooked enough rice to feed an army (there’s still a ton of it in the refrigerator) and added my Super Special Secret Peanut Sauce(tm). It was certainly a little spicier than the Boma version. I’m just not a good cook. Sorry everyone. ;-)


Artist Point wings.

Mike made these, too. He showed skill frying these up right in front of everyone. Great stuff.


Dam Dam Noodles from China at Epcot.

J made these noodles. They went perfectly with the pot stickers and the dipping sauce. There was a little spice to them – just the perfect amount.

Dessert, did you say?


Bread pudding from 'Ohana.

Walt’s famous Bread Pudding of Danger. It was created flame-free this year, but still tasted amazing. He said he conducted the fire part at his house, and flames shot up into the air again. The guy just courts danger.


Belgian Waffles with berries from the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Deb made the Belgian Waffles. Incredible.


Werther's Apple Caramel Cookies from Germany at Epcot.

Carol can bake! Let me make that point once more, with a little more feeling… Ahem… CAROL CAN BAKE! These were awesome.

And now a few pics of some of the people that were there:


Carol, Amy and J talk Disney.

Mike cooking up his Artist Point wings.

Walt and Deb.

Carol and Amy sample the home-made Lemoncello from Italy at Epcot. And Smilin' Kate says 'cheese.'

Butterbeer at a Disney Dinner Party? Blasphemy! (It was great.)

Have you recreated any of your favorite Disney dishes? Tell!


  1. Kayla

    I haven’t done it yet but I think as a special Easter surprise for my husband I will attempt to recreate the Tonga Toast from Kona Cafe at the Polynesian. The man goes wild for some Tonga Toast so I really should try.

  2. Bill Burke

    That would be great!
    (Did you know I once saw my friend Walt eat TWO orders of Tonga Toast in once sitting? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.)

  3. Sue

    We had a Disney Cruise party and I made Konk Koolers – the signature drink from Castaway Cay. Yummy!! I also make Fulton’s Crab House dip whenever we have a party – it’s a huge hit!

  4. Sue

    Oh yea, I also made pot roast from 50′s Prime Time Cafe. My husband is a sucker for the food at 50′s PTC. Maybe I should get me one of those Disney cookbooks!

  5. carol

    @Sue – I would not waste your money on a Disney cookbook. Those recipes you love so much from Disney are all over the internet. Try that first before spending the money. ;-)

    Thank you for the props on the cookies Bill!! Far be it from me to find some type of Disney cookie and re-create it. I think the next party I will do Nestle cookie ice cream sandwiches. ;-)

  6. Kayla

    Really? Two orders!? That’s too much for me but a great idea for Man vs. food lol

  7. Amanda Koeppen

    I am gonna have to throw a Disney Party! What a great idea! Dole Whips!

  8. Debbie V.

    Sounds like a great party.
    I am going to WDW for the first time this November…so after I taste the real thing then I will try the recreations. We’re staying at the Polynesian Resort. The Tonga Toast sounds great.

  9. Kerri

    My husband made us some Dole Whip Floats and they were excellent. I’ve made the Irish soda bread from Raglan Road and the Guinness dipping sauce. My next attempt will be the Raglan Road bread pudding (my husbands favorite). I would also like to try to make the German pretzels.

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