Video – Interview with a chef: Be Our Guest

We had a chance to spend some time in the new Be Our Guest restaurant in New Fantasyland, and talk to Chef Mike Deardorff.

He told us about the design of the place, talked about the menu – what’s on it and how it came to be, and the overall atmosphere.

The look of the restaurant is dramatic and impressive. Just look at that gargoyle glowering at us from behind Mike – there are a zillion of these all around. There are a bunch on the bridge leading to the restaurant (all of them named Frank,) while others are placed throughout the grounds.

The ballroom is probably the most dramatic of the three dining rooms. It looks, not surprisingly, just like the ballroom scene from “Beauty and the Beast.” The best part is that in the back, outside the windows looking out onto a mountain range, it’s snowing. Yes. Snowing. It’s incredible.


  1. Amanda Koeppen

    Yum, lets try some grey stuff!

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