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Improving Lefou’s Brew

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Disney has announced that it will offer up a special brew to guests at Gaston’s Tavern when it opens the New Fantasyland in the near future.

I’m sure people are going to love Lefou’s Brew – a sweet concoction named for the squat sidekick from “Beauty and the Beast.”

I’m just not so sure I’ll love it.

I’m definitely going to try it – I want to get my hands on those souvenir mugs – but there are elements in the recipe I’m not crazy about. Lefou’s Brew is a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.

Let’s break that down: Frozen apple juice – OK, nothing too crazy so far. I’d be a little more excited if there was some carbonation involved. I suppose there could be (visitors to Cars Land at Disneyland would know – there’s a version of it there at the Cozy Cone.)

Next: a hint of toasted marshmallow. This thing is getting very sweet, very fast.

Finally, it’s topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. Gross. I’m just not a big fan of passion fruit or mango. Which probably explains how I keep such a physique.

I’m not one to whine without offering a solution, however, so let me suggest my own addition to this frothy concoction: Rum.

Sure, I know the Magic Kingdom is a dry park, and I do not have a problem with that. It’s just that I think the rum would make me forget about the passion fruit and mango. And the hint of marshmallow.

Thus, a mission has been born…

In fact, I think it’ll be a good idea to attempt to recreate Lefou’s Brew and add my secret ingredient. And other Mousejunkies can add their own special touches.

The Great Alternate Lefou’s Brew Tasting!

Consider it a service, and watch this space for results.

What would you add to Lefou’s Brew? (Assuming you think it can be improved.)


  1. Amanda Koeppen

    Definitly Carbonation! Throw some Sprite in there, or Apple Soda (Beverley, but that would make it worse!)

  2. Shirley

    I’m with you Bill, wish it was not a dry park. I like the rum idea! :)

  3. MaxS.

    Well I guess you all know, it’s not a dry park any longer. With the addition of alcohol being offered at dinner (table service) at Be Our Guest, why not add some rum to LB too? Great idea!

  4. Leah

    I actually really like the marshmallow. I would add marshmallow vodka. The foam on top is weird at first, but the strange flavors work.
    I would not add carbonation but am hoping the vodka would thin it out a little bc I is too thick frozen.

  5. Aaron

    Worst idea in the world to introduce alcohol into Disney. You want to get drunk go to Universal.

  6. Mother Ginger

    It was delicious just the way it was, and the souvenir cup was a nice bonus (although pricey – $10). We had just been to Universal and had Butterbeer, and this brew was amazingly way more tasty.

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