Saving Money Saturday: Laundry, Got to Be Done

No one LIKES to do laundry on vacation, but sometimes it is worth it!  You can avoid extra luggage costs by bringing your laundry supplies from home and doing laundry once or twice.  Half way through our stays, I always plan one morning to sleep in (until 8am!), go to the pool and do some laundry.  I dread it sometimes, but it saves money and is actually nice to just stop and relax in the morning.  I grab my refillable mug, sit by the pool and get the clothes all clean!

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  1. Amanda Koeppen

    Glad I’m not the only one who does this.

  2. Vince

    As DVC members, I doubt I’ll ever be able to stay in a villa without a washer/dryer again. It was the silver lining for the last trip, and I’m already looking forward to the convenience for next trip :)

  3. Lisa

    Have learned it is easier to do this twice a week, this way we can pack less. But also we aren’t doing a large amount when we get home also. Just makes it easier, and we do what Erica suggests, we do it on a pool day.

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