The Sherman Brothers and Walt Disney.

A son’s tribute to Robert B. Sherman

The Sherman Brothers and Walt Disney.

Disney composer Robert Sherman passed away on March 5 at the age of 86.

His son, Jeff, was eloquent and forthcoming through his final days, and now he’s written a fantastic tribute. It touches upon things I never knew about him, and it sheds some light on the depth of his character. It shows even more just what a talented, giving man he was.

Check out this small excerpt:

“(He) dedicated his life to making the world a better, happier place. He adored my mother and his four children. Through his sensitivity, genius, his unique way with words, and his life-long partnership with my Uncle Richard, Dad found a potent forum through which to share his optimistic philosophy with the world.”

That’s something we can all aspire to.

And finally:

“Dad’s very last words to me were, ‘You know I love you. Proud of you.’”

That’s not the end, or even the overriding sentiment of the piece, because there was so much more to him, and his relationship with his son, wife and family.

Read the whole tribute here at Disney Insider.

I took away, in particular, a much deeper appreciation for “It’s a Small World.” I never minded the song, because I felt like it connected me to the classics. But now knowing just a little about his war years and reading the lyrics has given me a new appreciation for what he was trying to say.

Video by the UndercoverTourist.

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