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I’d obey the sign.

We were watching “The Lion King” on the Disney Family Channel over the weekend and I was just re-introducing myself to this song. When I go “Lion King,” I usually head straight to “Circle of Life” or “Hakuna Matata,” but this is really rising on my iTunes list.

BTW, as we were watching it, Katie and I ended up mimicking the fire dancer from Festival of the Lion King. I’d re-enact it, but I don’t want to strike anyone blind. It’s quite a vision.

What’s your favorite piece from Festival of the Lion King?


  1. Jenna

    Be Prepared is definitely my favorite- so dramatic! But I also love the aerial ballet to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” How can you not love people dressed up like birds and flying around on cables?

  2. Jasmine

    Festival of the Lion King is my absolute favorite thing in DAK and certainly my favorite stage show in the whole resort. I don’t know if I have a favorite part though. It’s probably a tie between the birds during “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and the Tumble Monkeys. No matter how many times you see both acts, I still get chills when the girl bird flies over the audience or when one of the Tumble Monkeys climbs up a ladder of the rest. But who can resist watching a little girl try to make a giraffe sound? The show is truly wonderful

  3. Bill Burke

    The end slays me. When the music is ending and the bird/aerial ballet woman is flying around and the ‘animals’ are dancing and waving the bird puppets around… Incredible.

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